4D Children’s Gallery Project is a nonprofit sustainable organisation, created by Painters’ Gallery, that will benefit the talented and underprivileged children of Peru. Through the collection of donations from Australians, a creative centre will be set up in Peru where skilled and disadvantaged children can take therapeutic art classes as a way to express their emotions, overcome their fears, and explore and gain confidence in their own natural abilities. All these unique and exceptional pieces will then be sent back to Australia and sold at auction. All proceeds will return to Peru, allowing the children to continue to create these individual pieces. This process is designed to be self-sufficient in the mid to long term, enabling the foundation to continue independently for many years to come. It’s like running a business, but designed to give rather than to receive.

This project cannot be created on cash donations alone. We also wish to invite people who would like to become involved to invest their time and creativity in this beautiful project. Volunteers from Australia and Peru would be greatly appreciated to help with the collection, organisation, and running of this project.

This is just the starting point. New ideas and suggestions for improvement are warmly welcomed. We strongly believe that sustainable organisations will help the children more effectively than charity organisations alone. Even though we strongly support charitable organisations, we believe that it is better to give them a fishing rod and teach them to fish, rather than catching the fish for them.


Our mission is to use art as a form of therapy to help talented and underprivileged children to overcome their fears and to find and develop their own natural abilities. This will hopefully represent the starting point of the children further developing their own talents, which may lead to a career in the arts industry.


Our Vision is to become the world’s BEST sustainable ART non-profit organisation

Plan and strategy

Fundraising in Australia for a period of one year to finance initial set-up (Goal: $40,000)
Money is sent to Peru
Manager receives the funds and starts the project (locations, facilities and personnel)
Children with potential skills from marginal schools or from the streets are enrolled into classes
Children will produce pieces of art
People who donate can see the children creating their artwork through web cam over the internet
The website will enable internet donations by credit card
Children’s art will be sent to Australia
Children’s art will be received, framed and exhibited in Painters’ Gallery locations
Children’s art will be auctioned (Donators have priority – they will see what their donations contributed to)
Funds from the auction will be sent back to Peru
The process starts again and will continue for years to come.


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