The purchaser agrees to purchase the goods from Painters’ Gallery upon the following terms and conditions only, unless amended in writing by an authorised representative of Painters’ Gallery.

  • The purchaser has inspected the goods and accepted them in their present state.
  • Title to the goods shall not pass to the purchaser until the total purchase price has been paid.
  • Payment for the goods shall be by cash, personal cheque, credit card or bank cheque provided that the payment shall not be deemed to have been effected until the proceeds have been cleared to Painters’ Gallery bank account.
  • Upon any default of these conditions Painters’ Gallery shall be entitled to stop the goods in transit and/or sell the goods elsewhere.
  • In the event that prior to the passing of the title in the goods the purchaser removes the goods from Painters’ Gallery premises then the purchaser shall provide evidence of insurance cover over the goods, such insurance to acknowledge that Painters’ Gallery is the owner of the goods and that the goods are insured for loss or damage to their full insurance value.
  • If the goods remain on the premises of Painters’ Gallery after the title has passed to the purchaser, under no circumstances shall Painters’ Gallery be responsible for and loss or damage to the goods.
  • The purchaser shall pay to Painters’ Gallery the price as follows:
    • Within fourteen days of the date of the invoice, or
    • Where a deposit has been paid, the balance shall be paid within twenty eight days of the date on the invoice, or
    • C.O.D, or
    • Within another agreed period.

The terms, which apply to this purchase will be shown on our quotation and invoice.

  • The purchaser acknowledges that payment in accordance with the provisions of the preceding condition shall be an essential part of the agreement and that in the event of default Painters’ Gallery shall by notice in writing served on the purchaser be entitled to retain any deposit paid and to terminate this agreement and to recover the goods and to resell as owners without obligation to account to the purchaser for the price obtained on resale.